My Five Favourite Apps

Every morning, I wake up, grab my iPhone, plug in my headphones and sit on the couch. I sit semi cross legged and do a 5-10 minute guided mediation using Simply Being. I then do my Mindful Movements and get ready for the day.

I’m at the moment volunteering in Hong Kong so I take the MTR to the office and often people watch or read. There are times though that I get super excited about something that I jot it down quickly on Evernote before I forget.

By the time noon comes around, I feel a bit peckish so I go and search for food. After lunch, I record my expenses on iExpense it and walk back to the office.

At the end of the day if I haven’t posted on my blog I would choose a photo from my phone, maybe add a little “Misch wisdom” using Over before heading over to Squarespace to publish it.

So here are my favourite five apps in more detail:

  • Simply Being a simple guided meditation on the go. My sister at Simplicity Retreats introduced this app to me many years ago and it wasn’t until recently as we country hopped around the world that I’ve found the time to sit still for 5 minutes a day. I love it and have used it on the train in Tokyo, on a bumpy bus ride in Vietnam and it’s a great excuse to just be.
  • Evernote is a note taking up that organises thoughts into notes, has the ability to add links, images and sync to your other devices. I’m writing this post using Evernote on my MacBook Air and it’s highly likely that I’ll re-edit it on my iPhone. I love who easy it is to sync my notes on all my little Apple devices. I have the tendency to come up with  thoughts at random times (and moments) and it’s very convent to write them all down in one space.
  • iExpense it is an expense tracking app that can be as easy or complex as you want it to be. I’m an organiser and a planner so I have a set of categories and sub categories for our expense. I have a weekly budget with a roll over and since have been updating to the local currency as we go. If we ever needed to know how many cafes we’ve been too, it’s just two clicks away.
  • Over allows words and artwork to overlay an image. I have been addicted to this app since Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens mentioned it in the post. I pretty much take photos of anything and everything on my phone and with this app I can little Misch wisdoms to a pretty photo.
  • Squarespace is the app version of editing websites on the phone. For the month of June I decided to join the Word Count Bloagathon to get back into blogging more frequently. My blog uses Squarespace and it’s super easy to use the app on the go to draft, edit and post blog entries.

What are your five favourite apps?

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