A Breath Of Fresh Air

I was lying in bed this morning feeling completely bummed about nothing particular and feeling way too sorry for myself. After unsuccessfully resting, I finally had enough and decided to go for a little walk. A breath of fresh air was heavenly, I sipped my cold lemon beverage and just sat staring at the view. I really had nothing to complain about, I wasn’t rushed, pressured to do anything but sit and sip. As I sat there doing and thinking about nothing I suddenly became hungry. It was as if my constant state of pitty was blocking my actual desires: to get some fresh air, have a cold drink and eat something.

We ate lunch at our local eatery then moved onto another cafe. By then, I was full, no longer thirsty and was enjoying the fresh air.I felt I could see colour again. There were so many pretty flowers in the garden that I got up and started moving, squatting down, playing with the focus button (of my iPhone) and took a bunch of shots. I felt alive and so much better.

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