52 List – Dream Jobs

Week 14 – List your childhood and current dream jobs

I don’t think I had any childhood dream jobs. I figured I’d grow up, study, travel, get a job, buy a house, get married, be a mum and then turn 30. Seriously!

It probably wasn’t until high school that I started thinking about potential dream jobs. It was also the time where I discovered the world of Pixar and Stars Hallow. I had fleeting moments of wanting to do animation, be in Hi-5, become a paediatrician, own an inn and have blue eyes. But they all slowly fizzled away (except I did have blue contacts I wore a few times). 

In year 7, I decided I liked numbers and design so I wanted to be an architect or a graphic designer and run my own business. For years I wanted to build a two-storey house by the beach. At the front would be the cafe facing the ocean, the back would be my architect/design studio and I would live upstairs in an awesome loft. In year 9 I took on photography as an elective and became addicted with taking shots using the concepts I learned from using the rule of thirds, shooting from different angles or playing with the focus. In year 11, I did media studies and fell in love with cinematography, video and especially editing. I also took on drama, creative writing and fiction to film, all of which helped feed into my teenage angst filled films. 

I took all my creative juices and studied Digital Arts in uni, which fuelled my love of documenting (anything) even more. But come graduation, I set aside my love of photography and film into my hobby hamper and never actively attempted to turn my creative passion into a job. It was just something I did for fun.

Travel was the other thing that I didn’t think could translate to a job, it’s just what you do on a holiday right? I remember looking at a photo my grandad took when he was Paris (when my dad was a kid). It was a classic photo, sepia tone, yellowing with age and I remember falling in love with it. It captured an essence in me to want to travel. There may have been a typewriter, part of a bed and a view out the window. The actual detail of the photo is very vague but I remember thinking how much I would love to do that, I wanted to travel anywhere and everywhere. My grandad was a university teacher who was asked to go to Paris for something and before I was born, my parents (also teachers) got to travel on scholarships to study or work. I realise now that the idea of travel and teaching has always been ingrained in my brain. But it never crossed my mind that it would be something I could actually do together.

As of literally this week, I’ve decided that to travel, teach and volunteer would be my ultimate dream job. At this stage I don’t think I’ll be a traditional teacher, but I want to teach. The best teachers I’ve met are those with the gift to inspire, cultivate passion and encourage creativity in another person. I want to do that. But I also want to continue my love of documenting life through photos, film and words as I travel in a relatively slow pace. I want to teach and I want to learn and I know that’s possible through volunteering. And although volunteering contradicts the term “job”, I’m not letting that stop me. I’m forming my dream job as I go along, it may have started with what seemed like a silly idea, but it’s developing into something so much more.

How can you integrate one of your dream jobs into your life right now?
I’m travelling, volunteering, taking photos, reading – all of which waters my dream job seeds.

What is on your dream job list?

This is my week fourteen list as part of Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists project.

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