Is Japan Cool?

Answer: Ohh yeah!

I’ve always known Japan is cool (who doesn’t!) My first trip here was in 2010 for three weeks where we travelled south using the Japan Rail Pass (a must if you want to travel great distances). We saw gorgeous countryside, fed monkeys, bathed in onsen (hot springs) and followed instructions on a napkin to find an okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) gem. This time around we’ve based ourselves in Tokyo for five weeks and there’s so much to see, eat and do.

Last week, I was looking for films to share for my short list and came across Takayuki Akachi awe inspiring work that made me itching to travel (more). As part of his portfolio he’s produced a series of clips asking the question “is Japan cool?” They’re beautifully made with a song that’s so uplifting it really makes me want to see more of this amazing country 🙂

Is Japan Cool – Discover

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