Travel Tip – Scarves

I grew up in Canberra where we have very cold weather, so for three to four (or maybe six) months of the year I would get out my scarves and wrap one around my neck. Once spring (or summer) came, the scarves were put into storage because I honestly thought I was only supposed to wear them in winter. Boy, was I wrong.

Last March, we went to Hong Kong and it was freezing, and since we came from the Philippines we had no warm clothing, let alone a scarf. So we went to the markets and instead of buying a conservative, plain or stripy scarf, I bought a grey animal print scarf that resembled a giant handkerchief (very unlike me). But it did the trick and kept me warm. When we returned to the more tolerable tropical climate of the Philippines, I became very attached to my animal print scarf and after I saw 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes by Wendy’s Lookbook I was hooked. And that was the day I discovered the joys of wearing a scarf, so thank you Wendy!

Taken by Tim at a Starbucks in Bacolod, Philippines on 24.03.12. I don't _always_ look like this :)
Taken by Tim at a Starbucks in Bacolod, Philippines on 24.03.12. I don’t _always_ look like this 🙂

Everyday, I would bring a scarf with me, despite knowing that I probably wouldn’t need it in my bamboo hut office. However, it did come in handy, as the days were typically hot and cloudless. So I would walk along mindfully, wearing my scarf as a cape, protecting my arms from the sun. On the days I worked from home, we usually opted to head into town and sit in an overly airconditioned café and again my scarf was a handy little cardigan. I’ve used scarves as a blanket on the plane or a make shift pillow for nap times and I’ve even as a towel to wipe Tim’s sweaty face.

Scarves are great things to have when travelling as they’re lightweight and compact. I ended up bringing four with me for this trip: I brought a bright red, blue and black scarf with me, the latest in my collection (a very welcome birthday present I got the week before we left). This large scarf is super soft to touch, goes well with just about anything and adds that much needed colour in my outfits. Next is my black cape (yes that is what it’s called) from Muji, it has buttons and buttonholes on either side so I can use it for more fancy occasions as a cardigan. Then there’s my lighter white, grey and yellow scarf from Uniqlo, which like my red scarf helps break the monotonous tone that is my wardrobe. Lastly I have another black scarf that I wear day or night and sometimes wrap a cold Tim, but mostly I wear it to accompany the few colourful outfits I brought with me.

Personally, I love scarves and highly recommend that you include it in your packing list, if anything they can be used to cover all your items in your suitcase, making it look neat and presentable.


Travel Tip – Scarves
1. Bring 2-4 scarves*
2. Wear them as they were intended to be worn (around your neck); alternatively you can use them as cardigans, shawls, hoodies, towels, sarongs, blankets, pillows and if you ever need to a temporary changing stall.
Result: Regardless of the weather or dress restrictions, you’ll always be prepared.  

*I recommend one plain scarf (preferably black) and a colourful one. Choose scarves that you can wash if needed and if possible are super soft on your skin.

The first photo was taken with my iPhone 4S and processed in Phoster the second photo was taken with my iPhone 3GS and processed in Instagram.

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