Saturday Stroll




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We walk a
, partly because we’re always looking for coffee but mainly because it’s fun. On Saturday we were walking around for about seven and a half hours. We started at a subway station in Shibuya, strolled up to
Harajuku then headed towards Shingjuku via Yoyogi Park and made our way home to Nakano. The day began with mouth watering baked custard at Cafe
and wandered to the Farmers
with Dylan and his mum. We took our time, walking around the neatly
assembled stalls laid out in front of the University of United Nations. We admired the
stands, had samples of jam plopped onto our knuckles and we perused the menu of
each food van. For brunch, I had a plate of vegetarian goodies including fried
mushrooms, lentils and rice and a very very sour plum. Tim had (in my opinion)
a spicy curry and a coffee from a cute van. The morning was perfect, with the
sun out and the crowd of market goers, eating, buying and sampling.

After brunch, we parted way with our company, then Tim and I headed to coffee stop three. On our way, we walked down
the back streets, peeked into slightly random stores including New Balance, Vivienne
Westwood and Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green
store. When we decided it was coffee time, we went to Omotesando Koffee, ordered two coffees, more
baked custard sat on the bench, under the blossom tree, surrounded by
newly prepared bonsai, it was pretty darn sweet.

With coffee and baked custard (they really are amazing) in our bellies
we headed off in search of the Songkran Festival in Yoyogi Park (which we
never found). Instead, we just strolled among the park’s gorgeous blossom trees in full bloom, with the thousands
of picnic goers camped underneath them. Despite being a cold Spring day it was
lovely to see so many people out and about, kids throwing frisbees, adults
jumping rope and groups of laughing friends and family enjoying a day together.

As we made our way out of the park we came across a toddles biking
arena, equipped with a wavy path and confident four year olds riding proudly
on their three wheelers. We headed out of Yoyogi Park and ended up walking for 106
minutes straight all the way home. Needless to say we started to feel pretty exhausted about half the way home. We walked through organised construction sites, stepped out of way to let
groups of cyclers pass and wandered the streets slowly until we reached
home (via the supermarket for dinner supplies).

We made it home, threw off our shoes and held off the temptation to
eat dinner at 4:30pm and instead watched back to back episodes of Modern Family.
At 8:00pm, our tummies couldn’t wait anymore so we ate our 850 Yen dinner of edamame
and garlic bread for entrée followed by roast chicken on a bed of cabbage (my
new favourite rice/chips). With our feet up, Modern Family on a constant loop, we were nice and toasty inside our humble abode. Life is pretty fabulous.

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