Travel Tip – Just Walk

We arrived in Tokyo on a Thursday and since Tim didn’t have to work until Monday we decided to start exploring the city. So for the next four days, we loaded up Google maps on our iPhones, charged our Pasmo (transport) cards and set off. 

We came to Tokyo at a perfect time, we had beautiful weather and took advantage of our free time and just wandered. We spent the first few days walking around, checking out every Muji store we passed, started ticking off the plethora of coffee spots we wanted to check out and took photos of anything and everything. We found ourselves on busy streets, joining the snake like cue as we weaved in and out of shops, then we would veer right into a narrow side street and all of a sudden we had the place to ourselves.

It’s amazing what you discover when you go for a walk, whether it’s your first or hundredth time, there’s always something to see. And when in doubt: stop, tilt your head, look up and listen. During our walk at the Yoshino Baigo Ume Matsuri, we came across a temple with a view. I looked up and saw the pink blossoms dance above me so I stood still and watched. I felt like I was standing there for ages, it was mesmerising. Nothing like a little (or long) walk to make me feel that everything is right in my world.


Travel Tip – Just Walk
1. Put on your socks and shoes*
2. Step outside and go for a walk. Whether you’re on a mission to find good coffee or trying to find the best place for your Kodak moment. Just go.
Result: Your lungs will thank you for it.

*Wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes and if you’re buying a new pair before you travel, wear them in first. Personally, I highly recommend New Balance 574 they’re great for walking, dancing and hanging around. They keep my feet nice and supported even after walking over 16,000 steps (yes, in one day). My legs want to fall off before my feet even contemplate on giving up. The only downsize is that you won’t ever want to wear anything else. 

Filmed with my iPhone 4S

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