Blossom Love

On Sunday we went to the Yoshino Baigo Ume Matsuri, the beginning of the month long Plum Festival. It was absolutely gorgeous and there was a definite buzz in the air. The flowers took me back to the days where my parents plum tree would bloom, albiet only for a week or two but I would be so excited to wear them in my hair. I felt like I was 14 again, but this time I was transported into an oasis of blossoms.

I stood there, taking out my camera, clicking away when I realised, I was in a sea of pink and white, there were happy picnic goers of all ages all around me, and everywhere I looked there was someone softly clicking their camera. Everyone wanted to capture the beauty, everyone was in the moment and everyone was still.

Below are just a few snapshots from Sunday, they capture the essence of how I have been feeling lately: a sense of calmness and lightness. It makes me smile and giggle at just how at peace I am right now.

Taken with my iPhone 4S and processed in Lo-Mob

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