Travel Tip – Slippers

The first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes and put on slippers. Whether they’re dotty ugg boots, fluffy blue slippers or my designated “at home” thongs, it allows my little toes the luxury to wiggle around after a day of walking.

When we first arrived in Tokyo it was cold, we landed on the cusp of winter turning into spring so the day are fresh and the nights are cool. Opening the door to the not yet toasty apartment I looked down and saw hardwood floors. It was too cold for my designated “at home” thongs and I wanted to wear socks. So that afternoon we went in semi search for the 100 Yen shop, (the equivalent to a $1 shop).

We found one that afternoon, walked in and I giggled. We wandered for a bit and Tim spotted a green and beige pair of slippers. Without hesitation I grabbed a one and contemplated on buying a second (for later on in the trip). With new purchase in tow, we headed home. As Tim turned the heater, I got the slippers out of the bag, placed them on my feet and wriggled my toes. I smiled and started to unpack. Nothing like a pair of slippers to make me feel at home.


Travel Tip – Slippers
1. Find your nearest 100 Yen Shop (or equivalent).
2. Buy a pair of home slippers.
Result: Your feet will thank you for it

Taken with my iPhone 4S and processed in Afterlight

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