Pre Loved Dresses

I scored three gorgeous dresses at the Working Wonders stall at Fash N’ Treasure today. I didn’t try any of them on so I ended up giving the first to my mum, the second was way too big and the third was perfect and oh so soft. I showed Nanay (my grandma) my dresses and was probably whining a little too much because all of a sudden she says “okay, take it off, I’ll fix it”. Thirty minutes later, my dress was two sizes smaller and it fitted me just fine. I do love having my own tailor.

I’m getting really into buying pre loved clothes and when we get back to Canberra at the end of the year, I’m definitely buying my office clothes from Working Wonders stalls. With brands like Tokito, Cue and Jacqui-e, who can resist? I know the clothes are good quality, the money is going to a good cause and I come home with semi new clothes and everyone wins.

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