But I Want to Help

Last week, I drove my three-year-old nephew to my parents house and we had a nice little chat. Perched on his booster seat he told me all about Babar, what he ate at his uncle’s birthday party and about his new school (day care). He goes to school once a week and since he’s a “big kid” now, he went straight to the pre-school group (as suppose to little toddlers or the baby section).

Today, I went with my mum and eleven-month-old Matty to visit Jacob at school. We arrived dork early and sat in the shade watching Jacob play in the sandpit. At one stage he started pouring some sand into the other kids buckets, and the other kids didn’t mind. Except one. With an empty bucket in one hand and spade in the other, he joyfully asked “who can I help?” One of the little girls said indignantly, “you can help by playing by yourself over there!” My jaw dropped, how dare this little four year old say that. Slightly unfased, Jacob said exasperatedly “but I want to help?! Who can I help?” A different little girl (let’s call her Sally) said quietly, without looking up “you can help me.” Bless her, I wanted to give them both a hug. I never realised how ruthless the sandpits were. But I was proud tita (aunty) watching Jacob as he continued to want to help while little Sally gladly accepted, despite the negativity oozing out from the bossy little girl. 

There was another little boy (let’s call him Johnny), who was doting on Matty, who had the sniffles and not quite himself. Little Johnny kept an eye out for Matty, coming over to see if he was okay. One time, little Johnny must have noticed Matty squirming, so he gave him the baby (that was beside my mum) and said “maybe he’s thirsty!” Then later he quietly starts sifting through the pile of pillows, finds a spotty one, places it on Matty’s lap and says “he might need a blanket. It’s the smallest one” then walks away. It was very adorable. 

I left the day care feeling so warm and fuzzy because it’s so lovely to see generous big hearts in such little people.

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