52 Changes

In January, my changes included to walk, meditate, get more sleep and floss, they were slightly random, but it was a nice transition to what I want to this year. In 11 days, we’re setting off for our round the world trip and it’s going to be awesome! We’ll be country hopping and doing a good chunk in the various cities we’ll be visiting. I like having a routine and with the constant moving, it’s an easy excuse to slack off. So I wanted to get on top of that, and that’s what 52 Changes is for me. The changes I choose aren’t new perse, but they have been things I want to adapt in order to enrich my life that little bit more.

My second month went a little like this:

I am good enough

This change caught my eye because of the title. I sometimes have a lot of trouble accepting that what I do, think and say is good enough. However, I’m glad I chose this change because at the same time I was reading The Happiness Project, blogging every day and doing very exciting and new things in Adelaide. Whenever I was working on a project, at the back of my mind was an imprint of “I am good enough”. That little voice helped me not to second-guess myself, to go with my gut and if I make a mistake or fail, that’s alright. Nothing is permanent.

One of the quotes in this chapter really resonated with me:

Realize that you already have everything you need to be happy, right here and right now.

I love that quote because it is true, I’m here, I’m breathing and I’m smiling.

Being grateful

I’ve been using two personal journals for a what feels like ages, it’s part of my before bed routine. I use Day One as my photo journal, choosing one photo a day. The photo can be anything from a cup of coffee, a smile or a trigger of what happened that day. I’m a very visual person, and I also tend to forget what I do so it’s nice to be reminded about all the little and big achievements I’ve accomplished. My second journal is My Wonderful Days, it’s a cute simple app that I use to capture my day. I come from an events planning and video editing background so I like detail. But at the end of the day I’m usually too tired that I just basically jot down what I did that day. Again, nothing earth shattering, but I like having a place to record what I did, say and ate. I’m grateful that I make these little journal entries, it helps me end the day on a good note and empties my brain somewhat, it’s my pensive (Harry Potter).

For this change I decided to add three things I was grateful for that day. I’ve noticed a pattern in what I’m grateful for. Right now, it’s time: time with family, time with Tim and time by myself. These are the simple moments details that I’m so grateful for, because they are the pieces that make me happy, help me focus and lightly bounce through life.

Most Important Things

The week I chose M.I.T (Most Important Things) went hand in hand with the change I am good enough. It was my last week as an intern and there were still a few odds and ends to finish off. As I implemented the M.I.T change, it helped me stay focused while at the same time, allowing myself off the hook when needed, clearing away unnecessary worry and stress. It also made it hard to be lazy! I use my iPhone as an alarm clock so as soon as it goes off, I press snooze or lie in bed playing games. Once Identified my three M.I.T, I told myself that I had to do at least two of the things before I was “allowed” to play games. It worked so well, that I even started checking email and Facebook less. As it turns out, once I completed my M.I.T I had time to do more stuff that I kept putting off. No surprises there!

Essential Things

One of the main reasons I chose this change was because it involved writing lists. After I read the chapter, I sat down and finished the change. I got up, smiled, held my cup of tea and thought “life is sweet”.

My top five things I love are:

  • Helping people
  • Staying connected/writing
  • Being mindful
  • Dancing/exercise (walking)
  • Travel planning

I use this list to remind me what I love and what I can refer to whenever I slightly go off course or a bit sorry for myself. After all, my new mantra (thanks to Kikki.k) is “Do more of what makes you happy”, if I ever get stuck, I’ll just look at my list!


February was a month of focus, I finished Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and I signed up for Tammy Strobel’s three week Writing in a Digital Age e-course (which I absolutely loved!) In retrospect, my choice of changes for month two matched my mood, mind and my creative mojo. I focused on me, what I needed to do, be and feel and as a result I felt in control, light and happy. I was involved in such great work, felt more confident (and so excited) to write and share my thoughts, and I left Adelaide with a complete sense of calm and peace, all set for month three.

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