Make me happy

This afternoon I came home exhausted, flopped on my bed
and watched back to back episodes of the IT Crowd. I got back
from Melbourne yesterday and got ready to go out before I had a chance to
unpack (though I did manage to make a colossal mess trying to find something to
wear). I was lying in bed, feeling slightly sorry for myself and trying not to
thinking about what I had to do. Then I looked over at my bedside table and in
amongst the “need to sort pile” I saw the little Kikki.K card that won my heart the
moment I saw it at the shops today (as it turns out the card is based on the Happiness
! Double win.)

I put the card there as a prompt so I would remember to instagram it. I rolled out of bed, cleared some
space, took the photo and posted it. Then I asked myself, “What will make me happy right now?” My
answer followed immediately, “I want to organise”. I swung into action, tidied
up my room, made space in the closet for our temporary stay (at my parents’
house) and I unpacked. I was itching to do more, so I made sure everything was
in place for our stay, but that didn’t take long because when we left in
December I made sure it was easy for us to just move back in.

As if a fire had ignited in me, I decided to also do a
preliminary pack for our upcoming round the world trip. I got out our new
travel cubes, half-filled the small ones then put them in the big ones and
placed them in the slightly over organised suitcase. Of course I’ll do a proper pack
next weekend but it kept me focused on my task to get things tidied and in
order.  I looked around the room and
smiled. I went downstairs, cooked myself a steak and decided to later light
some candles, take a shower and do my endota
spa face mask
(which I haven’t done in months).

And when I did my face mask  I stretched out in bed,
played Justin Hunter, as the candles flickered in my completely empty and tidy
room. It was bliss. New plan to action: do more things that make me happy,
which, let’s be honest is just too easy.

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