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Determined to pack light, I challenged myself to pack 54
days worth of clothing in a little blue Antler suitcase (55 x 40 x 20, weighing
around 2kg). The total weight was 7kg (not including toiletries). The desire to
pack light stemmed from living in the Philippines where we had to limit our
check in baggage to only 15kg. To be honest, I never found it very hard to fit
everything I needed and I started to experiment with turning a few pieces of
clothing into different outfits (an unexpected joy that was born out of a constraint).

This year we’ll be travelling a lot, so I’ve used that as an
excuse not to buy new clothes, shoes (or anything for that matter). I’ve also
grown quite fond of using staple clothes and accessorising with a cardigan or
scarf.  We’ll be going away for a total
of 10 months and even though I’ve become better and better at packing for a
week at a time, I want to challenge myself. I want to see if I could pack my
clothes for less than 10kg.

To do this, I want to keep my outfits simple, my luggage
light and practice the minimalist lifestyle. I love the idea of simple living,
and the plan is when we’re back from our adventures, we’ll maintain the less is
more attitude.

Also, luckily it’s summer and my clothes roll (and squish)
nicely, so I was able to sneak in more than if it was cooler weather. So, since
January, I’ve been altering between 34 pieces of clothing which all fitted
(neat and organised) in the little blue suitcase.

When we first arrived in Adelaide in my suitcase I had

  • 5x dresses
  • 16x tops
  • 1x pyjama set
  • 2x pyjama tops
  • 4x pants
  • 3x shorts
  • 1x jumpers
  • enough underwear

On me

  • 1x dress
  • 1x cardigan
  • 1x scarf
  • 1x thongs

That’s all of it! Seriously!

The rest of the stuff that I brought were shoes, toiletries
and the techy stuff which was divided into three places:

In my backpack

  • 1x scarf
  • 1x MacBook Air
  • 1x Kindle

My (little blue) handbag

  • 1x iPhone
  • 1x mighty wallet
  • 1x lip balm
  • 1x mints
  • 1x camera

Snuck into Tim’s suitcase

  • 1x runners
  • 1x flats
  • 1x thongs
  • 1x swimmers
  • 2x bags
  • 2x toiletries bags
  • 3x reading material (Frankie, Happiness Project and a Lonely
    Planet Chrissy pressie)

While in Adelaide, I did buy four pairs of shoes – two black
flats, a pair of blue thongs and my pink laced runners (which are so comfy I
want to wear it all the time). I also bought a cardigan, shorts and a pair of
jeans. I’ve decided that my new cardigan and two new bottoms will be my uniform
for the rest of the year (so get used to seeing me in them!) I also applied the
one in, one out rule. I threw out my black flats and I’m considering either
throwing out or giving away my black thongs and old runners. What I did give
away was:

  • 1x cardigan
  • 3x dresses
  • 5x tops

I’m quite proud of my 7kg luggage and I’m pretty excited to do
Project 333 where you have 33 items of clothing for our upcoming round the world tri, but
for me it’s longer than one season. Watch this space as I take inventory for my
next packing challenge: 15kg for 274 days 🙂

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