His & Hers

For the past year, Tim has been wearing the same pair of shoes practically everyday. He loves it. A few weeks ago his new pair of New Balance 574 arrived. Me on the other hand is a little obsessed with shoes but I’m also very stingy. I buy black flats when they’re on sale or one of those 2 for 1 deals. I’ve gone through a few casual/for walking/for dance shoes in the past six months. And I’ve worn them through. Or they strangely squished my toes after awhile.

So I sucked it up and we found a pair of cute charcoal New Balance shoes. And since Tim raved about how comfortable they were, I figured it was a good choice. Besides, I’ve noticed that I get super cranky when my feet are sore and I walk, a lot. We came home put our shoes together and it clicked that they were the exact same shoes. Oops. 

At least now, our shoe shopping problems will be as easy as four clicks.

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