A walk in the park

Rymill Park, Adelaide
Rymill Park, Adelaide


I decided to go outside after I ate my (meatzza) lunch today. Felt the heat as soon as I walked out and retreated next door to the newly opened Experience Cafe in City Soul. The plan was to get a take away soy iced chai and head to the park. But I chickened out and just sat on the couch. The very super comfy couch that I as soon as I leaned back, chai in hand, time slowed down.

I’m not sure how much time passed but once I gulped the last of my chai I felt refreshed and wanted to go for a walk. I wondered down to the park (which I’ve been eyeing since I started working). I sat on a bench and was strangely excited. It was energising just how still, peaceful and quiet the park was. There were a few people dotted here and there, but overall we were outnumbered by the flocks of ducks hiding in the shadows of the tree. I smiled, walked to the bridge and was amazed at just how cool it was under the trees. 

I walked back to work feeling pretty proud of myself. I was reenergised and had new outlook on things. I was buzzing and all I had to do was go for a little walk in the park.

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