Stare off

My mum is really into FaceTime. I introduced it to her last July when my aunt was down and the two of them were FaceTiming each other, sitting side by side, laughing and pointing at the screen. Everyone was in hysterics, even my dad!

On New Years Eve, I discovered FaceTime on my Mayple (MacBook Air) so I rang my mum who proceeded to show her phone to everyone in the house. 

Since then, a normal call just won’t do, she has to see me. Well, according to her, it’s Jacob, my three year old nephew who’s keen. But when I do talk to them, Jacob is running around and there’s curious nine month old Matty crawling to the phone. Matty doesn’t really understand the concept of FaceTime. When I talk to him he looks at the phone so intently, he’s probably wondering why I’m in the tiny rectangle. 

Personally I’m pro FaceTime. Because today, I’m quite weak, on the verge of being sick (but determined not to be), and working from home when my mum attempts to call me three times in a row. In the end I get through to her, said hi to everyone then had a stare off with Matty then I follow Jacob around the room.

Even though I just see my nephews and family for a split second, it’s enough to make me smile and get on with the day. It gives me little boosts of energy I didn’t even know I needed.

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