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Samples on Kindle are the best. I’m a bit stingy and think that $9.99 books are way too expensive. The only way I would fork out the money is if I really really like the book. And my Kindle has gotten quite a work out with samples. Of course once I like the sample, buy the book, like the style, I do tend to buy a few more by the same author. So it all works out in the end.

Ever since we arrived in Adelaide on Christmas Day I’ve found myself reading a lot. With 42degree days, we’re all lounging in the living room glued to our screens. My mother-in-law and I are reading on our Kindles while Tim and his dad are typing away on their MacBook Airs. It’s so nice and relaxing.

I also feel like I’m getting faster at reading, but in reality I’ve just allowed myself the luxury of the written word. I feel inspired, excited and I can’t stop sharing the little pockets of gems I find. 

My reading list varies from mindfulness books, to travel stories and ESL documents to a little series called Three Girls and a Baby.

My favourites so far are:

I love my little Kindle, who I’m yet to name. So lightweight, I can read one handed, switch books as often or as little as I like, and she really can go the distance, barely needing to be recharged. I can take her anywhere and my biggest problem (if you can call it one) is knowing when to stop reading!

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