The Yellow Workbook

Yesterday I got right into Susannah Conway’s workbook Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013. I sat outside, made myself comfortable and just wrote. It was liberating. I felt like I was using Dumbledore’s Pensieve. My thoughts and answers spilled onto the page as I remembered just how much I’ve accomplished, what I started to let go and the memories: the good, the bad and the yummy of what was 2012.

I felt like I was in a better frame of mind to reflect than perhaps a few weeks ago. I no longer felt the gnawing “is this right?” voice and replaced it with “this is right for me”. I looked back on the year for what it was and what it meant for me. This realisation came about from people I follow, I met and whose blogs I randomly found. Last month, I met Henrike, a life coach who asked me questions that I’ve been answering for myself all year. The only difference was, she asked me to write them down. There was something so powerful about writing down my thoughts. I’ve always had this notion that what ever I wrote was “it”, it was final. But what last year taught me was that you can change it, always. Nothing’s ever set in stone.

Coincidentally, I’ve felt more and more like me this past few weeks and it’s awesome! I spent the last week putting together my first iBook, a photo book of the different things Tim and I have gotten up to. It was so exciting to put together, that it made it that much harder to keep it a secret! It allowed me to remember the year, and I’m glad past me took so many photos.

And the last I’d like to mention was that I finally found a book that spoke to me on so many different levels. I’ve been following Tammy Strobel on twitter and instagram and recently I bought her book You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap). I was addicted, kept quoting it and just wanted to continue the subtle changes that I hadn’t realised I was making.  I finished it earlier today, and I haven’t been able to wipe stop bouncing. My response to Tammy’s stories, lessons and micro actions were giant grins, nodding profusely and had so many “aw yeah” moments. It was because of Tammy that I found Unravelling The Year Ahead and that with a combination of my renewed outlook, I’m so excited for what was 2012 and what will be 2013.

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