My favourite twenty twelve photos

According to iPhoto, I took a total of 7,653 photos in 2012. Throughout the year I took on photo projects, documented my meals and took so many sky photos!

In February I started doing Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge and took 149 photos. In August I started my 50DayHK and attempted the 365Grateful Project but only managed to take 13 photos. In November, I took my 1000th instagram, and in December I made my first iBook, a photo book snapshot of 2012, a present for Tim. This gave me a chance to look through all my photos, laugh, tear up, remember and go “aw yeah we did that!”

I’ve always loved taking photos and this year was no exception. I took photos with Aiteyla, my iPhone (3GS and 4S) and Itumy, my Cannon IXUS 220HS. So I was never without a device to capture the moment and to pick just twelve photos to represent the past year  was quite tricky! So here are my favourite  photos, in no particular order, taken on different days, different places and snippets of just how awesome 2012 was.

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