Take a snap

Take a snap

I like doing projects. 

In 2009, Tim & I were preparing for our wedding. A few months before we became Mr & Mrs, I decided to take a photo every day (my excuse to use our Nikon D40). I needed a title so I counted how many days we had left and so 96 Days was created. Naturally I wanted to include wedding prep photos, but life also happens (literally, my little nephew Jacob was born!) so it so lovely looking at all the photos now. I can’t help but smile.

In February last year, I came across the joy of LOVE – a 28 Day class run by the very friendly Willette Designs. She would email us everyday with a topic and a task. For example, the first photo was “what they do” (they being someone you love) and you had to concentrate on lighting. It was a pretty fun project to do and it got me playing around with our SLR and photos in general (again). I had a lot of fun doing my joy of LOVE and I’m quite proud of my photos and my super patient models.

Then, in September, we were preparing for our big move to the Philippines. Pretty much all of last year I started be a little too obsessed with Instagram. So I thought, why not document our move prep and life in general? I counted down until our move and called it the 36DayProject. From family, food, cleaning and packing, it’s a sneak peek at how we packed up our lives in Canberra and moved to Talisay City, Philippines.

During my time in the Philippines, I would sometimes feel quite isolated and I wanted to have something to focus on. In February, someone I followed on Instagram started doing photoaday. I googled it, saw the list and got a bit addicted to that too. Before each month began, Fatmumslim would post prompts of something you had to take that day. The amazing thing about photoaday was just how quickly it grew. It was so cool to see how people interpreted the topic. I also found it quite relaxing and it gave me a focus and I looked forward to taking a photo a day. I did it for awhile and ended up taking 150 photos! We’ve done so much in such little time!

Which brings me to my latest project. Two actually. One is my 365 grateful project and the other is my 50DayHK. My 50DayHK project was born when I came across the 365grateful. And I did my maths again and thought ooh let’s do a photo project for Hong Kong! At first I tried to only take photos with my Cannon IXUS 220 HS, but found that it er took a bit longer than I would’ve liked. And since my pretty new phone takes pretty decent photos, I thought, why change what works? 

So today I decided that my 50DayHK project is going to be taken with Aiteyla (iPhone) about stuff on my imaginary HK todo list. I say imaginary because, although I do have stuff I want to do, I don’t feel the need to plan what the every photo needs to be. I just want to see where the day takes me 😉

So far on my 50DayHK to do list: 

  • Get a hair cut.
  • Zumba.
  • Eat fried donuts.
  • Watch Bones.
  • Eat rose petals for dessert.

Ticks all round 🙂

What do you want to do right now?

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