Settled in

This time last week we were hanging out at Sydney Airport all ready for our next adventure: two months in Hong Kong. Perhaps it’s all the travel we’ve been doing (or luck) but we had such a smooth transition from checking in our bags (total weight of 26.6kg) in Canberra to scoring top deck (economy) seats on the fancy Qantas A380. Regardless of the reason, it was a damn fine way to start our trip.

We arrived at Hong Kong airport with our (matching) suitcases and backpacks and headed to our airbnb apartment in Sheung Wan. Our host Amy is a photographer and man her photos so did justice to her place. We’re staying in a cosy but very comfy one bedroom flat on the second floor looking out onto the relatively quiet street. The unit itself is stunning and totally the type of place I can see us in (actually I thought that when I saw the pics). There’s a kitchen, a day bed, a couch and two large office desks, which is perfect as we both work from home so we have plenty of choices.

It didn’t take too long until we were settled in. I unpacked almost immediately and made our belongings feel like home. This is only our second airbnb place, but I’m a fan! Amy is awesome and gave us such a thorough list of recommendations, instructions and even had the fridge kitted up. I can keep raving about the apartment, the three aircon, the super comfy beds (mental note to upgrade sheets!) and the nice bottle of vino that awaited us, but that would be a long list! 

Since arriving on Friday night we’ve been to a bunch of cafes (organic, gluten free options too!), restaurants, made trips to the store, did Zumba and last night went to a local twitter meet up all within walking distance (maximum walk was 20 minutes, but that’s cause my legs are super sore from exercise). Oh and this afternoon I’m off to a mindfulness retreat at a monastery for the weekend 🙂 It’s amazing that we’ve only been here a week and we’re completely settled in, it feels like home and I’m so excited that we have another seven weeks to go!

I love it here. I do. When we tell people we’re in Hong Kong they look a bit skeptical, raise they eyebrow and go “but.. why?” I just smile and say, cause it’s fun 🙂

Isn’t life awesome?

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