Smilies – May 1

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Shopping at SM – Instead of going to a fiesta in the provinces my grandma opted to stay in the city and all she wanted to do was shop! Nanay is 83 and man when she knows what she wants to get there’s no stopping! We walked around the SM Department store (then later Hypermart) and I found it very amusing how Nanay kept asking for Tim’s advice on sizes and shirt patterns. No sitting down on the boy chair for Tim!
  • Skyping with the baby – Just before heading to the airport to fly home, we got to chat with my sister and her brand new little baby boy on skype. The little darling has a way to make everyone around him go awww. We watched him pull faces and squint at the computer. He was oh so very cute with his little squishy face. Can’t wait to head back in July to give him (and his older bro) a nice big cuddle.
  • Row 1 – The great thing about Cebu Pacific is that we always manage to score such great exit row seats! This was no exception. We settled down in Row 1 B and C as the flight took off. The trip was just over an hour but it gave us time to sit, read and chat. Hubby is the best travelling partner ever.

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