Smilies 52

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • To infinity and beyond – We hired a car, and my lovely hubby braved driving on the right/wrong side, the bustling traffic and the road to unknown, so we can go for a ride. We ended up going from an SUV to a family car (sedan myb?) and the hire a car dude asked me if it was okay that the car was an auto hehe. Anyways, we drove out of Bacolod on our way to Don Salvador Benedicto. It was a gorgeous and relaxing drive, we practically had the road to ourselves. We stopped here and there to take photos and I was just in awe with our surroundings. Even though I later realised that I had actually been there. Even still it was breath taking. Oh how I do love a good road trip.
  • Under my umbrella – And so we headed to Don Salvador Benedicto, stopped by a giant lion statue then ate lunch at the most relaxed little village I’ve ever been too. We wandered up the street then hopped in the car and drove to Malatan-og waterfalls. We saw the falls from afar, bought some sugar free bananas and bacon tasting coconut worms. We walked down to the top of the trail and decided to go for it, despite the almost looking rain clouds. And so the walk/climb/fall began. Umbrella in tow, mainly because I was carrying it from the car to give me shade from the suns. We got maybe a third of the way down and this overly friendly French man and his partner greeted us all sweaty and pot belly like. He was pretty funny and said that yes it is doable to get to the waterfalls but it’s sad, very sad. We asked why and, according to him the water is too cold to swim, because it was “zero” degrees (it wasn’t, more like 15). Anyways, half way down it started to rain so we huddled under the umbrella. When it stopped we walked all the way to the falls, weaved through the rice fields, up the slippery slope, between the banana trees, picked up a young teenage girl who started following us all the way to the falls without saying a word. We got to the falls and it was pretty darn cool! Even when it started bucketing down with rain. The three (and sort of four) of us stood under the umbrella, watching the wrath of the waterfall and trying not to get wet. It was actually really fun, I forget how much I like adventure stuff. Though I vote climbing over rocks then walking/falling into muddy steep climbs. But made it through, exhausted, muddy but so worth it!
  • Bah-by – This cute little girl kept coming up to us during dinner saying hi to hubby’s dad. She was the daughter of someone who worked at the Familia Grill (which btw has the best back ribs in Bacolod). She would wave and say bye then randomly carry serviettes or a dirty plate back to the kitchen. She was only 4 or 5 years old but loved hubby’s dad’s beard. She even went and showed him the birds in the back of the restaurants. Little kids like that are cute and make me smile. She wasn’t too bothersome (I hope!) and knew when to let us just eat. Very sweet.

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