Smilies 46

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Finished {almost} – So I’ve been working on this proposal non stop since Thursday. I originally completed the proposal I’ve been working on all year but it got changed, not so much at the last minute but because there was a better approach. It was a pitty that there was very little time to write up this proposal as the deadline is sort of, maybe today. But I got it done {almost}. Just finalising the last bits this morning and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it gets vetted before being submitted. A part of me wishes I had more time, a part of me is thankful for the deadline. Because it seems that even though my deadlines work for me, other parties just don’t fall in line. But at least this way it’s finished {almost}.
  • Quotes – One of the things I enjoy about events and launches are getting quotes. It’s been interesting having to actually go into a shop and see how much paint brushes cost! It’s funny how much I’m used to looking up quotes online for everything hehe.
  • Pork – For dinner, we went a little bit pork crazy, we got three types of pork dishes with a side of eggplant. Mmm we do like pork.

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