Smilies 44

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Kuppa – Has really yummy food and great coffee. Not the most comfy place to do work but that’s okay. Since it didn’t open until midday, hubby and I wandered down the quiet streets of Bacolod, peaking at the closed shops, passing a church full of people and just taking it all in.
  • Early dinner – Our eating pattern was slightly out of whack so we were strangely hungry around 6ish. We had a lovely meal at our local bbq place and took advantage of the coolish Summer day to walk home. 
  • Apartment hunting – Without giving it away, we’re looking for somewhere to stay for short term in the next six months. It was good fun looking up airbnb and serviced apartments. I got somewhat addicted to the pretty hotel music and accidentally on purpose left the window open. Our “quick” apartment hunting ended up taking hours and we didn’t end up finding a place we love. But that’s alright, it’s nice looking at how people furnish their homes hehe.

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