Smilies 43

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Cafe office/study place – It’s nice being so close to cafes where we can work/study/read. At the moment, my cafe of choice Starbucks. It’s more for the atmosphere and super comfy couch then the drinks they offer. Although the soy ice chai lattes are yummy, as is their grilled toasties oh and donut haha. But the couches we snag by the window just remind me of how nice it is to sit back on a cushy couch and just relax.
  • Hunger Games – So until Taylor Swift mentioned that she was on the Hunger Games soundtrack I knew nothing about the books or movies. Even so, it wasn’t until a few of hubby’s friends started chatting about it, I thought I’d look into it. And as hubby was also keen to watch, we got tickets for the 7:20 session at Robinsons. The cinema goer crowd for a Saturday night was pretty bad, people got up every five seconds, texted on their cellphones, kids kept saying “it’s lady gaga!” and around the one hour mark, people got up and left! Though they did have very young children, so they were excused. And normally I get super mad at that sort of behaviour and I end up focusing on my annoying surroundings, but since the movie was done so darn well, I was entranced by what was going on screen. It’s a pretty awesome film and I’d totally go watch it again. It always impresses me when films demonstrate the capabilities of technology and not go too over board with the special effects. I also thought Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was excellent! I’m a big fan of her after she mentioned in an interview as to how Hunger Games is a reflection on how we view celebrities, full on! And n a side note, it appears that Katniss is bringing braids back into fashion, I’m cool again :p
  • Avoiding the rain – Despite it being Summer and a week before the temperature is supposed to be scorching hot, it’s been raining a lot! For some reason, we’ve been very fortunate in avoiding heavy down pour. That’s always fun. 

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