Smilies 42

A few smilies from yesterday…

  • Sharing thoughts – I had a Skype interview in the morning and I was strangely nervous! So I prepped myself for about an hr before it started. I read through some notes, had a glass of water and tested Skype three times, just to make sure it was working. The interview went really well and I’m quite happy with it! Last time I did an interview I was a nervous wreck and refused to listen to the recording afterwards. This time round, it felt good to share my thoughts brewing in my head and that have been on repeat for my hubby to hear. Once it’s up and on the interwebs I’ll share a link 🙂 It was an awesome way to start the day.
  • VIP Spa package – Hubby and I were wanting to go away this weekend, but due to unpredictable weather, we decided against catching a ferry and boat out to a small island. But we wanted to do something relaxing, so we looked into the newish 24hr Spa Natura in Bacolod. We booked ourselves a 5hr VIP package all for just $88AUD! Score! Now I’ve only ever done like a 90min massage thing and hubby only has up to 60min thai massages but we thought we’d give this a go. We started off with body scrub, a chocolate wrap cocoon thing (and yes it was chocolate, and yes it smelt soo good!), then a stone massage (I’m a big fan now), a break of juice and cookies then a facial, mani pedi and ended with a plate of fruit, water and tea. It was absolute bliss! They broke up the treatments well and everything happened in the same room, it even had a toilet lol. It’s definitely something we’re going to do again just before head back home for semi good.
  • Hangout – So, hubby and I are constantly with each other, by default and also because we still don’t know that many people here. But during a lot of our times together, we’re both on our macs or iPhones, and when we eat at home, usually we’re watching Friends or something, which is also nice btw! But it always makes me smile when we’re just sitting and talking or sitting and reading side by side, or holding hands walking down the street. It’s just so lovely. And I think something that’s been coming up lately inspired hubby posted this beautifully written blog post which sums up why we’re here and how it is possible (which coincidentally was a main topic for my interview!) Check it out: A Feeling of Lightness. I’m a proud wife!

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