Subsiding the voices in my head

There’s no point in denying it, I sometimes sit and talk to the voices in my head. My current job gives me plenty of time to sit and reflect. And for the most part it means I have an ongoing battle in my mind grapes. See the thing is all the voices are me, subconsciously or not I fight to get my own attention. My many different personalities get in each others way. And I think it’s about time I tell them to chill.

I’m probably coming out a little nutty right now so I’ll try to explain. A part of me is a non stop power machine. I work hard, am super organized and a control freak (on the verge of being a “Monica”). Another part of me is lazy like uber, major, get off the couch and be productive. And the third part is a combo I have to do lists and plans but at the end of it I go distract myself with something pretty or eat something yummy.

So how do I control all these little monsters? The power machine in me gets sad/bored when there’s nothing to do. The lazy me gets down/guilty when it realizes I should do something. And the combo is kinda just confused.

I think maybe they need to work together or go for a nap. I spend too much energy fighting with my inner voices I mentally and physically tire myself out. I have to learn to let them be. They have their merits and it’s ok when they don’t get their way. So I’ll let the little voices battle amongst themselves and try not to get involve. I’ll take a deep breath and intervene when it’s too much. I’ll do what my sister used to say to stop my little sister from arguing. I’ll tell the voices “sing song”, which will catch them off guard and make them quiet and then giggle cause they don’t know what else to do.

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