This place makes me cry

But not because it’s sad (though there at truly heartbreaking things that happen), not because it’s frustrating (because there’s only so much your brain can take) but because I am in complete awe of the people. My bamboo hut office is filled with such genuinely good hearted folks. It makes me cry because it reignites my faith and hope in human kind.

Although hugs aren’t freely given, or even a pat on the shoulder when someone hold back the sniffles. Thats just not how comfort works here. But a genuine smile, a tentative nod and just being surrounded by glowing warmth is enough. The simple act of asking if you want to eat (or smoke) to anyone that passes by is just so nice. You’re not obliged to join in. But if you did you’re welcome. You’re invited. And your company is very much wanted. If I could bottle up that feeling, if I could bottle up their love we’ll all be oh so happy.

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