Smilies 1

When Jacob got up this morning… 
Mum: what do you want to do today?
J: I want to skype Garmisch
M: But they’re still asleep (they were three hours ahead)
J: Not now mum! To-night.

So, the three smiley things in my day were…

  1. Jacob wanting to Skype me! I woke up and saw this post on facebook from my sister. Let’s just say I couldn’t stop going “awwww” for a very long time!
  2. I was making myself a cup of tea when Jerome asked me what I was doing. I showed him then asked if would like one. His face lit up and he nodded. I gave him green tea with jasmine and he liked it so much he re-used the bag three times, sweet.
  3. I got to work and Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” was playing away next door. Enough said 🙂

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