Sort of, almost, not really.

We’ve now been in Philippines for two weeks and are currently based in Talisay City, Negros Occidental about 7kms away from Bacolod City. We arrived on Monday and welcomed the fresh air, abundance of sugar cane fields and carabao on the side of the road. A nice change from the crazy traffic in Manila.

Thanks to my workmates, family and friends we were able to find a nice duplex, furnish it and we’re slowly settling in. Our front yard looks out into the a park with goats munching away on the grass, roosters in the far end, a volleyball net and a basketball court where people are either playing, dancing or just hanging about. Location wise, we’re just a pedicab or tricycle away from work and just two jeepneys away from Bacolod.

photo: the view from our front porch, overlooking the park.

We bought a lounge set made of bamboo by the locals fairly easily at a rate of 1300p, which in comparison to back home was a bargain! We bought mattresses, probably way too many cushions, curtains, a fan (necessity!) and were lucky enough to be donated kitchenware 🙂 We bough a bar fridge, aircon and contemplating on getting a hot stove, but that one will wait. We also bought a portable wardrobe which I’m sadly super excited about, because living in a suitcase is the pits and also I like organising wardrobes hehe.

The house itself is three bedrooms, a lounge area, dining room, kitchen and dirty kitchen. I’ve decided to convert the dining room as my walk in wardrobe, because let’s face it, if you’ve got the space, why not use it. Having two malls within jeepney rides from Talisay has been highly convenient and it’s hard to not go too overboard!

But as these things go, they are never easy, simple or fast. It’s been hard to adjust to the slow paced lifestyle and I really have to work on this thing people call patience. Because really, I have none. In between the humidity, no shower water and no fast (or any) internet. It’s been a bit of an uphill battle. I suppose I’m too much of a princess and been living in my own comfy world of luxuries for too long.

I know it will be okay. And it’s awesome to have Tim around to support, comfort if not to yell at when things are just too hot! It’s also fabulous having family so close by and friends old and new that are only a text/fb/a bowl of rice away.

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