What it means…

I chose the name SUBTLEtransition in high school but it wasn’t until recently that I realised what it meant, to me anyway. I graduated from university at the age of 20 and at a stage of my life between school and having kids. I’ve always wanted a family, and I know I will, just not yet. So there was a gap perse for the next 10 years to do things before babies.

When I started the concept of this blog I was 21 and realised that there aren’t any magazine for well me. A 20 something, healthy, active female. The magazines for my age demographic were brides, mums to be and gosssip passing as news. They were little to no interest to me (at the time). Then there are the home and garden magazines, the diy, the cooking, the property investing… Again, some had readble articles but on a whole not that intersted. 

I was looking for some sort of guidance without realising, to help me through the next “phase” of my life. At the time, my best friends were still studying and I wasn’t sure who to talk to about what I want/should do with my time. I wanted to move overseas, to travel, haven an adventure and ultimately, leave a fairly secure job and environment. No one in my family has done that before (or I was aware of). 

About three months ago I went to the 10thousandgirl(http://www.10thousandgirl.com/) life planning workshop. It was pure gold. It helped realised what it was I wanted all along. And the truth was I was already a work in progress. I was trying out different things, learning lessons,  making mistakes all on my own. I guess I didn’t really need a magazine to tell me what or how to do what I am doing now.

I was sharing my excitment and revelation to hubby then it clicked. This time between school and having kids is my transition, and it’s taken me five years to realise it, but it’s a subtle one. 

And so I share with you my random thoughts, stories and what this time means for me.

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