My legs hate me

Today was a bit of a struggle…

I woke up completely sore from head to toe. I caught the bus in (I live like 25mins walk from work). My legs hate me, actually my whole body is quite sore. Not surprising really, exercise hurts! I’m glad I did yoga first then zumba on the weekend, at least my muscles were stretched and what not.

I did find out today that the zumba charity event I went to yesterday had 880 participants and raised over $25k! Awesome! Such a great idea 🙂 Being this sore was worth it.

As owie as my body is, I feel quite good! And look at the time, it’s 10:30 and I actually WANT to go to bed. First time in awhile. I’ve been working practically every night for the past week or so, and it just doesn’t bode well with me. So tonight, I’m letting myself go to bed early (well sort of).

No rest for the wicked though, because I’m doing a lunch time 30min express of zumba tomorrow 🙂 I do like having energy, comes in so handy!

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