Where’s my magazine?

Magazines are everywhere. Seriously. I’m not into gossip or that keen on the latest fashion trend. I’m fine with getting these “updates” and ”tips” on Sunrise, for free. After my wedding last year, I had no excuse to buy wedding magazines. Luckily though, during my “wedding research phase” I also bought a bunch of health and lifestyle magazines. Those I can keep buying as I do enjoy flicking through the pages trying to find out techniques I can steal/borrow/use. Plus, they’re a lot more interesting and somewhat useful then seeing disturbing cleavages on every other page. 

I must admit, they do have a number of useful tips and articles. However, I did notice that I was not the target market. I’m not a teen, not in my 30s, don’t have kids and not quite at the empty nesters stage. I graduated from uni just under three and a half years ago. I’ve been working full time since then, my husband and I bought a place in the city over a year ago, I’m fit, healthy and eat properly (most of the time). I do have my not so good days, just like everyone else. But on the whole I’m very fortunate and pretty happy with who I am becoming. I don’t need or want to lose weight, I don’t need to get out of debt and I don’t have the desire to look like a celebrity.

I reckon if you pull out articles from a bunch of magazines such as Good Health, Notebook, Cosmo Health and Nature & Health (I really like this one at the moment), you’d come out with a pretty fine magazine for readers like me. And surely I’m not the only one who thinks this? There are articles in every issue to try and get the readers out of a rut, once they’ve hit rock bottom. Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t help, I’m sure it does and that’s a wonderful thing. But not everyone has to hit rock bottom to improve or maintain their state of well being, right? 

I want a magazine that can help me on things like how to stay this fit, this healthy and find recipes that suit, the sometimes lazy me. I want to know about tips to stay calm and fight the crazies in my head. I’ve always been known to over analyse things, maybe it’s growing up watching too many rom coms. But life doesn’t have to be complicated and things can just be. It would be fabulous to buy one (or two) magazines that caters for the 20 something, hard working reader who loves hanging out, being young, happy and wanting to keep it that way!

::photo: “My life as a magazine”

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